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In the first place what is a desiccating agent? ?

With the desiccating agent, I draw steam of the space sealed up and adsorb it and serve to maintain it in oneself.
It is an example,
Food    ・Because I do not spoil ... fresh texture.
To prevent a machine, outbreak of metal ..., rust.
To prevent the performance deterioration of pharmaceutical products ..., the drug.
Besides, a prevention of dew condensation use between the high humidity sky to use it as a floor bottom agent to moisture condition of the house, and to transport the long term (marine container, land transportation).
It becomes indispensable in everyday life to be used in various industries, uses.

The history of the desiccating agent

The history of the Silicagel

As for a Silicagel having been used as an adsorbent for the first time, maridato is said to be it what was used as an adsorbent of the poisonous gas in (1914 ...) under World War I at the beginning.
Professor American Patrick acquired a patent in 1919 and was industrialized afterwards in the 1940s.
It is said that a method to make silicic acid from the electrodialysis of a method to break down silicic acid ester with water in Japan in 1928, and to get silicic acid and the sodium silicate water solution was developed.
Because properties (particle diameter, the hardness, refractive index, pore) change by a manufacturing method and processing, for example, also, an adsorbent and chromatography are used for the Silicagel with technical development of the microparticulation in extensive fields such as delustrant of the paint, the anti-blocking agents, cosmetics of the synthetic resin film and the food.

Our basic desiccating agent to handle


It is the representative desiccating agent. The Silicagel is made from sodium silicate and neutralizing reaction of the sulfuric acid and has porous molecular structure similar to a sponge.


Our deciclay gathers clay called the montmorillonite and granulates it and is made after processes such as sieving, the drying. It is the cheapest and is used most as humidity adjustment in a harmless desiccating agent in Europe and America. The raw materials clay of our tablet type molding desiccating agent is called colloid soil and is discovered only in Japan.

Synthetic zeolite

I have a uniform hole and cavity with the synthetic zeolite into a halftone plate form and am a material of the no damage to be called alias molecular sieve (molecular sieve). I have a strongest adsorption power, but am used as the price is expensive when the water adsorption in the low humidity domain is particularly necessary. 

Other desiccating agents

A lime desiccating agent is the alkaline matter which is strong in calcium oxide (calcium oxide). The feature is that a moisture absorption power is strong, and cost is low, and it absorbs moisture once, and, unlike a Silicagel, calcium hydroxide cannot bring back the function as the desiccating agent when it is.
Ability for moisture absorption is very strong, and calcium chloride performs moisture absorption nearly about 10 times of the self-respect physically. It is shallow for the history of the desiccating agent, but is ordered in the recent packing, packing industry because ability for moisture absorption per weight is good and is cheap for the cost.
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