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Product explanation

maikurodo is synthetic silica (gel type silica) crushed to micron size. It is porous, and, as the characteristic that there is not to other synthetic silica, there is a point having the big inside surface area 2 1. As a result, these characteristics make use of a few characteristic in other additives, and the product of the customer uses it. It is manufactured by KD Corporation and is exported to all parts of the world.
The characteristic of the gel type silica is the surface area that is large if porous. The primary particles of the nm unit spend time in a process letting you gelate, and this is strongly tied (siloxane combination) and is caused by taking the three-dimensional lattice crystal structure.
They make use of this characteristic, and paint, ink, a film, Tokushu Paper Mfg., food additives are used widely in various fields.

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<basic properties of matter>

The characteristics are different, and maikurodo chooses the most suitable grade by a purpose of use for each grade.
  • Average particle diameter (㎛)
・・* Laser method
  • The ratio surface area (m2/g)
・・* The BET method
  • The pore capacity (cc/g)
・・* The BET method
  • Hydrous rate (wt %)
・・* 160 degrees Celsius, 2hrs
  • Scorching weight loss (wt %)
・・* 950 degrees Celsius, 2hrs
  • PH
・・* 5% slurry
  • Shade specific gravity (g/cc)
  • Quantity of oil absorption (cc/100g)
・・* Linseed oil
  • Whiteness level
White meter
<physical characteristics>
<chemical characteristic>
  • White fine powder
  • Chemical composition SiO2 99% by weight or more
  • Without taste or odor
  • Chemical inertness
  • Porous
  • Amorphous substance
  • Truth specific gravity 2.15
Light refractive index 1.46    


  1. Application to paint
    The microdoh is applied to a variety of paint as a delustrant, a thickener. When I stiffen, and coating shrinks when a microdoh is added, I generate a minute irregularities side. Incident radiation causes diffused reflection and shows a refined mat effect. Furthermore, I can regulate viscosity adjustment and chikusotoropi characteristics, and the painting efficiency improves, too. The surface coating grade prepares for improvement of the dispersibility, improvement of the re-dispersibility, too.
Applied characteristic Average particle diameter Quantity of oil absorption (the pore capacity)
Mat effect
Prevention of sedimentation
Application to plastic film
The microdoh is used in various plastic film such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET), the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as an anti-blocking agents and slip agent. I can show an effect with maintaining the transparency of the film because the refractive index (1.46) of the microdoh is approximately equal to a refractive index of the plastic resin.
In consideration of various film properties (anti-blocking characteristics, slip characteristics, transparency, dispersibility and the film hardness) and an affinity with the plastic resin, please choose the adapted grade.
Application as food additives
The microdoh is available as a compaction inhibitor "fine grain silicon dioxide" for powdery food (quantity of addition less than 2%). I can keep a state with the fluidity by adding it in small quantities.
In addition, it is available as a carrier of the food fragrance.
It is avirulent and as it is inert, it is extremely safer and does not affect the human body chemically.
Use is maximum : As a silicon dioxide 2.0%
Use standard       : You must not use it for a mother's milk substitute product and a baby food

: When use it together with calcium silicate; the sum of consumption is less than 2.0%

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