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MS - Ceram -W

Product explanation

Board-formed synthetic zeolite molding desiccating agent/chief ingredient: /DMF 14359 registration/world only board-formed zeolite desiccating agent wrapped in Na12[(AlO2), (SiO2)]12, 27H2O/ PP-film
Of the strong moisture absorption power that other desiccating agents do not have as for the synthetic zeolite in the low humidity domain (RH20 % lower than) is characteristic. I am suitable as a desiccating agent for products which are easy to be affected by little water like pharmaceutical products or precision parts. MS - Ceram -W is the desiccating agent which molded synthetic zeolite by us's original epoch-making technique.
  • The synthetic zeolite of raw materials has ability for big moisture absorption with the low humidity in comparison with other desiccating agents. In addition, the moisture absorption speed becomes very early, too.
  • I can prevent hatsushu by the ingredient resolution of pharmaceutical products occurring for a little residual water.
  • It is wrapped with a PP film, and we do not have to worry about the powdery outbreak of the desiccating agent.
  • It is stable, and the appearance shape does not have the change after the adsorption chemically. Of course it is corrosive, and there are not the deliquescence characteristics, too.
  • Most of the heavy metal does not include it, and the additive which is harmful to the human body is not used.
  • The form is uniform, and compressive strength is strong and is superior in machine properties.
  • It is the only synthetic zeolite board-formed desiccating agent in the world.
  • It is a product registered with DMF14359.
  • It is a joint patent product with Takeda Pharmaceutical.


・It is a board-formed desiccating agent for box products such as pharmaceutical products.
・I can perform the injection to a container by the automatic filling easily.
・When it is necessary to keep a pole low land and high humidity degree, please use it.

Desiccating agent performance

1) Basic properties of matter of MS - Ceram - W
Properties of matter
MS - Ceram - W
The real thing
Ability for moisture absorption
(25 degrees Celsius, 48hrs)
RH60 %
More than 17.5%
Hydrous rate (wt %)
4.0% or less
Mean pore system (Å)
2) Ability for moisture absorption (moisture absorption rate in each humidity, moisture absorption speed)
2) Ability for moisture absorption (moisture absorption rate in each humidity, moisture absorption speed)

Representative lineup

Grade name
The vertical (mm) X side (mm)
X thickness (mm)
One piece of weight (g)
One case of artificial eye (unit)
MS - Ceram -W
50 X 30 X 2
50 X 30 X 3.3
With a uniform shape, I am superior in mechanical strength. Therefore, enclosure and the filling with the machine are possible.
I am often put within press through pack mainly,
I serve to almost maintain the aluminum packing between the sealing sky.
It is used in the uses such as clinical inspection paper, medicine, health food.
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